Obama is in on it.

Reuters headline:

Obama open to Clinton as possible running mate.

Read on below the fold for quotes from the article.

As far as I am concerned the fix has been in from the get-go.

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Obama B.-Yo. Hil!!! First we get rid of that geek Edwards and then we run it down. Down and dirty; no punches pulled; may the best pro win. Whoever wins chooses the other as VP. Together we’ll save the world. Whaddaya say???

Hillary C.-I’m in, baby. I am in Let’s get it ON!!!

He’s a pro, she’s a pro.

Like  the bullshit hype before a big boxing match or mixed martial arts bout…it’s all business in the end.

Watch ’em kiss and make up.

Money talks; nobody walks.

When money and power talk…then nobody REALLY walks.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama on Thursday did not rule out selecting rival Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate if he ultimately defeats her in a race in which he has an almost insurmountable lead.

“There’s no doubt that she’s qualified to be vice president, there’s no doubt she’s qualified to be president,” Obama told NBC News.

In a CNN interview, he said he had not wrapped up the Democratic presidential nomination, but when he does, he will start going through the process of selecting a running mate.

“She is tireless, she is smart. She is capable. And so obviously she’d be on anybody’s short list to be a potential vice presidential candidate,” said Obama, —snip—

Some Democrats are saying Obama and Clinton would be a formidable team against Republican John McCain in the race to the November election.

According to a CBS News/New York Times poll released last week, a majority of both Obama and Clinton voters say they would favor a so-called “Dream Ticket” involving both candidates.


Boy, y’all’s heads are gonna explode when you realize that alla this blah blah blah about how Ms. Clinton is such an absolute, James Bond level villainess while Obama is the second coming of Christ  has been sheer, useless, extracurricular, meaningless leftiness masturbation while the real deal was businessing as usual under the table.

Or being consummated ON the table.

Bet on it.

Wake the fuck up.

The leftiness blogosphere.

The Oakland of the internet.

There’s no there there.

BWAH ha ha ha ha!!!!!


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