So Booman writes a post titled Sexism and Misogyny that tries to parse the difference between the two as some sort of apologia for Obama’s current position. However, he ends his post with the statement “I see no convincing evidence that sexism played a big part, and certainly not a decisive part in her losses.”


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I beg to differ.

First of all…as I point out below…she has NOT “lost”. The contest is damned near a tie. The media…and the leftiness blogs which are now simply adjunct media when you get right down to it…have declared her a loser. The numbers say otherwise, as do the demographics of those numbers.

“According to the rules of the Dem Party?” I suppose so. It depends on which rules and how valid they are, really. Do y’all truly think that those “rules” were set up in some sort of intelligent, well reasoned, far-seeing manner? Why would one think that given the evidence of political maneuvering over centuries and centuries of human experience? These are POLITICIANS. The “rules”  were set up by hustlers who were shilling for their own interests, and you know what kind of wisdom THAT act generally carries.


Rule by hustle.

May the best hustler win.

All along the way.

Secondly…awww, just read on.

Just read on.
Let us get down to the nitty-gritty.

What is the difference in their popular vote  so far??



57,541 votes separate them.

That is .19% of the popular vote!!! 19/10,000ths!!! Out of every 10,000 Dems who voted, 19 more preferred Obama than Clinton. That’s pretty damned close.

Why ???


My own take?

One candidate is a man of mixed race, them other is a white woman.

Here is what I stated on February 5th.

Nearly four months ago.

So here’s what it has all finally come down to: Bitch or Negro. Your choice.

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In this year of radical racial and sexual changes in our Presidential sweepstakes, Dem division thereof:

Part of the reason for the fear from which many mainstream voters are suffering is the newness, the strangeness of it all.

On one hand, here is this obviously dominant woman running for an office that has been historically a males-only preserve. I mean, let’s face it…leadership on almost ANY really important level in successfully dominant societies has been nearly completely a male prerogative throughout all of human history. And now here comes his…this woman, presuming to take the reins of the most dominant country that has ever existed on earth.

Revolution number one.

And revolution number two.

At the same time, a member of a race that has been relegated to second-class citizenship level and worse…a race that was (and face this as well…still is to some degree)  barely if at all even considered to be human by many white Americans…is attempting to become not only the leader of this racist, white supremacist (on an international level if nowhere else), imperialistic country, but is also simultaneously proving to be by far the most articulate, intelligent, well balanced individual in the entire field of candidates!!!


The shame of it all!!!

Read on…

So given these two choices and of course an almost unthinkable third one…the continuation of a set of policies and leaders that has proven to be absolutely disastrous for this country and for the world in general…the sleeple electorate is all in a tizzy.

What to do!!!

What to DO!!!

Y’know what it’s going to come down to, don’tcha?

Which set of prejudices is deeper.

Are women really supposed to stay at home, (at least metaphorically) barefoot and pregnant?

Are families really supposed to resemble to some extent the classic nuclear family? YOU know…the one where the mother raises the kids, sacrifices her ambitions for the good of the family and the man doesn’t go out and try to fuck everything that moves while being a charming, successful world beater?

Like say…the Obama family vs. the Clinton family?

Or is the spectre of a man who possesses at least a modicum of what many Americans consider to be sub-human genetic structure in power over Racist America more frightening than that of a strong, dominant woman who really didn’t give a good goddamn WHO her worthless husband fucked as long as it didn’t get too much in the way of the business of running a country the right way? By her own estimation of that concept of “right”, of course, because she WAS the boss, when you get right down to it. Bill was just the frontman, the CEO who made the speeches and basked in the limelight but Ms. Clinton was the Chairman of the Board. Bet on it.

Ms. Obama?




Highly educated.

But she buckled down to the so-called “normal” task of raising a family.

Ozzie and Harriett in black, brown and beige, the Obamas.

Ms. Clinton?

Mr. Clinton?

BOTH success-oriented in every way.

Both A-type personalities. It’s just that Bill’s version of “success” included repeated sexual conquests as well as leading the free world, of course…

Pity the poor sheeple.

What to do?

What a CHOICE!!!

My bet?

It’s looking like the sexual role problems implicit in the Clinton situation are even more frightening to Sheeple America than are the racial things that are implicit in the Obama candidacy.

Ah mean…EV’RYBODY’S got to deal wid their wife, right? Wid their husban’ an’ all? Things got to be…BALANCED at home. Right? Who’ll make dinner!!!??? Who’ll pick up the kids at school? Plus…them black folk. They’re lookin’ OK these days. Yup. SOME of ’em, anyways. I guess they ain’t so bad after all. But that Clinton bitch? Ah mean…SHEESE!!! Imagine having to deal wid THAT shit when you come home offa the late shift!!!

Yup. (And make no mistake…there are many, many women who still buy right in to the sentiments expressed in the above blockquote. Bet on it.)

That’s what I am seeing, anyway.

My own bet?

Sex trumps race, this time around.

I mean…EVERYBODY fucks!!!

My bet?

It’s going to be close, but I think Obama’s gonna win.





Negro by a squeaker.

Like I said…

There is no shortage of misogyny available in our popular culture. It is a staple of the system. Mother-in-law jokes still fly, as do dumb blonde jokes…whole movies are made around the subjects, folks…whereas coon jokes will get you kicked offa the air. Despite this cultural bias…and add in ageism as well please; those “senior moment” memes are pretty hairy too…Hillary Clinton has DECIDEDLY closed the gap between therself and Barack Obama during the last two months.

And she has done that by throughly proving that she can bring in a segment of the popular vote…an important segment, one that has historically been the difference maker in national elections at least since some hustler came up with the term “The Silent Majority” for Tricky Dicky (‘The Silent Majority”…wink wink, nudge nudge. You know…alla’ them noble working white people who are too John Wayned-out to actually complain about their lot.)…an important segment that is still more racist than it is misogynist. (Another sqeaker, that one. Bet on it.)

But y’all on the leftiness blogs?

That witch??? NEVER!!!

The totally unconsciously truthful ass ed_encho on My left Wing (Thank God for the obsessed. They are the only ones who cannot parse their own feelings.) laid it out quite plainly for all to see in late February.

All Cunt, No Cattle

The losing streak in primaries officially hit eleven today for The Queen when the invincible political version of the 18-1 New England Patriots crapped out again this time with a loss in the overseas primary or in layman’s terms the primary for those who had the good sense to get the fuck out while the getting was good. Barring an amazing and brutal scorched earth two weeks worthy of the alternate ending of Apocalypse Now where Kurtz’s village was destroyed by a devastating air strike Hillary Rodham-Clinton now risks going down in history as not only a colossal failure of hype right up there with New Coke but also as becoming the Joan of Arc of the dry pussy demographic because let’s just face it, everybody else hates her. But this is a woman with an axe to grind, a burning sense of entitlement and a relentlessness that would put Matty Walker to shame.

All Cunt, No Cattle?

The Joan of Arc of the dry pussy demographic?

Nice, eh?

Choose your allies well, folks.

You are branded by them.

That’s where we are at in the U.S. of A., early 21st Century as spoken by a fool of God.

So it goes.

If after a popular vote that selects one candidate over another by a margin of .19% the Democratic Party allows only about 50% of its voters and a miniscule number of leftiness bloggers and repressed homosexual news commentators (Tweety Bird? PLEASE!!! Are you kidding me or WHAT!!!???) to not include HRC on the ticket or at the very least PROMINENTLY in the campaign mix, then it deserves exactly what it gets.

Which will probably be a relatively narrow win (Fucked up as the Ratpubs are these days.) as opposed to a landslide.

With a narrow win and the concomitant short coattails upon which the Congress shoulda woulda coulda  been be dominated, another Jimmy Carter vs. the Rat hustlers situation will ensue.

Please remember how THAT situation played out.

Think on it.

And press for her inclusion.

NOT her exclusion.

She may actually BE a “bitch”; I really do not know.

But she is, she is OUR bitch, and she is a fighter and a half.

We need her passion, we need her toughness AND we need her votes.

Bet on it.


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