The present administration, as we all know, have done a totally distructive job in the policies it has set forth, with the help of those in congress that fall under the same political umbrella, or at least say they are, Republican and Conservative, as they tried to set about to enforce an Imperialist Presidency!

One has been the total destruction of the Nuclear Disarmament Table of discussion and diplomacy on ridding the Planet of Nuclear Weapons. Instead they threaten other countries with their fear propaganda and than act surprised that these countries start to seek their own defense under the Nuclear Umbrella, and attempt to put fear into the American Public, and others, on the growing Nuclear threats which they themselves have been forcing on others! As the United States developes other uses of Nuclear Weaponry and uses it!

The Ploughshares Fund has been front and center in the attempt to make a Peaceful World without Nuclear WMD’s

Their spokesperson was interviewed on NPR’s Talk of the Nation today, that spokesperson is actor Michael Douglas.

You can visit the Talk of the Nation page to read a short writeup, which includes this:

“The sight of the ruins left by the nuclear explosions in 1945 may seem a part of old history,” Douglas said in an address to the United Nations. “Yet the fact is that the instruments of possible global annihilation … many on high alert, remain a part of our contemporary history.”

As well as listen to the 16min interview, with phone calls, or you can click here to listen

He was in Washington to talk to Lawmakers on behalf of The Plowshares Fund

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