For all the outrage directed at Clinton for being insensitive, she is revealing a truth about American political life many of us have failed to grasp.

The many politically motivated assassinations from the 60’s to the 90’s have always been dismissed as the handiwork of lone assassins or accidents as in the case of Paul Wellstone and John Kennedy,Jr.

If all these assassinations were random events,mutually exclusive, the probability of these being connected and executed by a hidden hand becomes very small.However, there are many features common to these events that makes them interconnected and mutually non exclusive.

That being the case, as a probability theoretician, I would expect their being executed by a central authority (persons or organizations) very probable.

Clinton, having been in the inner sanctum of government for over thirty years,must have participated in “contingency Planning” for many such scenarios.Given her participation in such deliberations, one can also expect that her assassination remark may well be the way her mind works when confronted with a possibility of losing her power.

Just a thought.

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