This is just informed speculation based mostly on who is advising or has endorsed Barack Obama and (for the most part) people’s areas of experience. If Bill Richardson isn’t the veep, I really can’t find a slot for him because he’s already been the Secretary of Energy and Ambassador to the United Nations. Perhaps he will get to be Secretary of State but he already has heavy competition from Sens. Biden and Hagel. Anyway, this is just for general idea purposes:

Vice President of the United States- Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary of State- Chuck Hagel/ Susan Rice
Secretary of the Treasury- Stuart Eizenstat/ Austan Goolsbee

Secretary of Defense- Sam Nunn/ Richard Danzig

Attorney General- John Edwards/ Artur Davis

Secretary of the Interior- Lincoln Chafee
Secretary of Agriculture- Bob Casey, Jr.
Secretary of Commerce- Howard Dean

Secretary of Labor- David Bonior
Secretary of Health and Human Services- Hillary Clinton
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development- Carol Mosely-Braun
Secretary of Transportation- Nick Rahall
Secretary of Energy- Anna Eshoo
Secretary of Education- Lynn Woolsey
Secretary of Veterans Affairs- Max Cleland
Secretary of Homeland Security- Gary Hart/Bennie Thompson

White House Chief of Staff- Tom Daschle
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency- Hilda Solis
Director of the Office of Management and Budget- Jeffrey Liebman
Director of the National Drug Control Policy- Anthony Zinni
United States Trade Representative- Daniel Tarullo

Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System- Larry Summers
Commissioner of the Social Security Administration- Bill Bradley
Director of National Intelligence- Lawrence Korb

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