There were the rumors.

Shades of 1968. Why?

Guns, pepper weapons and baby powder

Denver police are stocking up on guns that fire a pepper spray-like substance instead of bullets – a less-lethal weapon used to disperse crowds – in advance of the Democratic National Convention.

The department recently ordered 88 Mark IV launchers and projectiles at a cost “in the low six figures,” the company that makes the weapons stated in a news release Monday.

The request was for delivery in advance of the DNC, according to Louisville- based Security With Advanced Technology Inc.

The convention, scheduled for Aug. 25 to 28 at the Pepsi Center, is expected to draw thousands of protesters to sites throughout Denver.

Some organizers of protest groups believe police are buying extended-range Tasers and weapons that incapacitate people with high-intensity sound.

The Mark IV weapons the city ordered recently fire plastic balls filled with powder that’s “like a combination of cayenne pepper and baby powder,” the manufacturer said.

Observation on the marketing feature: baby powder with active ingredient pepper is no longer harmless.

Anyone knows what’s the set up for the GOP?

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