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My brother is about to lose his job: his company has been eaten by a bigger company.

After working for that company for 15 years (50, 60, 70 hours a week, no overtime, because he’s considered management) my brother is redundant, they’re going to pile his job onto that of the guy in the bigger company doing something similar.

At 54 years old, My brother will have no health insurance. Although he and his partner Larry have been in a committed, monogamous relationship for 34 years, Larry can’t put Bill on his health insurance.

I’m 58, and I can tell you frankly, no insurance company wants, willingly takes on someone in their 50s. My brother’s Cobra will be $1,200 a month for a plan that will end in a matter of months, leaving him uninsured again.

When Bill is unemployed, Larry’s salary alone won’t cover their mortgage and expenses, no less my brother’s health insurance.

Rick Warren is endangering my brother’s health.

Warren also made my nephew a bastard last month.

My sister and her partner have been together for 33 years: they were finally able to marry two months ago.

In November, Rick Warren made their 12 year-old son a bastard.

Despite having been in committed relationships for over three decades, if either of the couples die their long-term partner can’t collect survivor benefits under Social Security.

My sister is a doctor, so Stephanie will probably be okay in their retirement years.

My brother and Larry are working stiffs: after 25 years of working for the same business, Larry is retirement age now, but can’t afford to retire on his Social Security benefits alone.

Depending on how long my 54 year-old brother is out of work, will determine how much of their retirement savings they’ll have to plunder to keep their house.

If one of them dies, the other won’t be able to collect survivor benefits under Social Security benefits.

Rick Warren is happy to send my brother into old age as a pauper.

And yes, Rick himself is endangering my brother’s health, made my nephew a bastard, and is happy to send my brother into old age as a pauper.

Warren publicly declared their loving relationships to be the equivalent of pedophilia and incest, further empowering bigots across the country in their fight to strip my siblings of basic civil rights, and helping spread the message that frightens voters nationwide into voting against my brother and sister.

And Obama has legitimized Warren’s bigotry by elevating Warren to the stage of the inauguration. Has empowered the bigots in their fight to strip my family members of their rights, has supported their message to the frightened voters that yes, indeed, my brother and sister’s loving relationships are the equivalent of the crimes of pedophilia and incest.

After three decades of living together and loving together, neither couple can hold hands in public for fear of being beaten, or murdered. And Rick Warren has used his bully pulpit to spew the bigoted lies that support that murderous possibility.

Rick Warren has characterized my family as sexual criminals — which negatively impacts their very lives in so many more ways than those I’ve mentioned above — and Obama has helped him in his crusade.

And if you refuse to understand that, you’re empowering the bigotry, too.


I’ve been accused of hyperbole, which isn’t much of an accusation, if you go by the dictionary definition:

Hyperbole [hy‐per‐bŏli], def.: Exaggeration for the sake of emphasis in a figure of speech not meant literally. An everyday example is the complaint `I’ve been waiting here for ages.’

If you’re using “hyperbole” is an insult, the word doesn’t mean what you think it means.

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