Join my co-hosts Ed Encho and Gottlieb tonight as they pull no punches about Right-tard shift of Obama.

( Hat tip to Lasthorseman of Docudharma for the image)

The honeymoon’s illusion was sweet, but now you’ve rolled over and woken up to an impotent wonder whose rotted teeth are on the dresser in a cup marked MIC/AIPAC, whose man-tits are bigger than yours from feeding off the Wall Street fat, whose withered balls are in a sac tattooed with AIG and whose breath smells astonishingly like Geithner’s ass. You’d have been better off taking a 4-year vow with the worm in the bottom of that bottle of Mezcal you drank when you voted for “Change.”

They will be discussing the Week’s current events from that angle, assessing our snowball’s chance in hell of “CHANGE” with the SAMENESS they see.

The call in number is 646-929-1264

This link will take you to the spot to live-stream the show.

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The live chat link will be active after 5:30-ish.

Be warned: We have had ongoing technical problems with BTR, so be patient on the line, and if dropped, call back!!!!

As always, the archived copy will be available on the Wild Wild Left shortly following the show.

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