One thing is clear after all the brouhaha about David Letterman’s jokes about Sarah Palin and her family: he is most definitely an evil asshole of the first order. And a lousy comedian as well.

His joke would have been much funnier if only he called for the murder by poison of a Supreme Court justice.

Or speculated about choking Michael Moore to death with his bare hands.

Or claimed that beating and raping and siccing the dogs on a buncha scary brown people was the equivalent of a fraternity hazing.

Or compared President Obama to a crazed chimpanzee “put down” by a white policeman.

Or openly announced that he was praying for God to smite Obama (that means “kill” for all you heathens out there).

Now that’s good wholesome American comedy we can all be proud of. Letterman? Clearly a perv and a pedophile. Guy should be lined up against a wall and shot I tell ya!*

* What? It was only a joke. Damn lieberals have no effing sense of humor.

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