Yemen seems to be a hotspot where the U.S. has focused to counteract Al-Qaeda. For months heavy fighting by government forces with U.S. aid and CIA intelligence. The forces of Saudi Arabia have entered the battle zone along the extensive border. The influx of Somalian refugees has compounded the problems and stability of the Muslim state. Recently, U.S. cruise missile attack caused heavy casualties including 14 Bedouin children.

[Update] More than 120 people were reportedly killed by an airstrike in Yemen’s Saada province — and the Huthi insurgency is blaming the U.S. Air Force. (RT video)

Awlaki has a group in Shabwa, Al Quso attracting followers

Reports are that 350 al Qaeda are in an inaccessible area of Shabwa, Yemen.

A reliable source, al Tagheer [Arabic]: According to the sources, Aulaqi returned to the area and began practicing refusal to live a normal life with his family which is still up to this moment with him and then started preaching to people in the mosque every Friday and began to recognize a group of young people and meet them.

Also in the area, convicted USS Cole bomber Fahd al Quso. That’s really the news here. The guy already blew up a warship, what’s his follow up going to be? This is the last man standing from the 2000 Malaysia meeting where both the USS Cole bombing and 9/11 were planned. Al Quso is on bin Laden’s short list of trusted lieutenants. Al Quso was convicted and sentenced to ten years in jail, escaped, returned and then was granted an early release in 2007 by our ally, the war criminal President Ali Abduallah Saleh. Al Quso was listed as one of the FBI’s most wanted last month.

Five Dead in Air Strike?

Cole bomber Fahd al Quso– not dead
Cyber Jihaddist Anwar Awlaki- not dead
Head of al Qaeda in Yemen, Nasir al Wahishi- not dead
Saudi al Qaeda deputy, Gitmo graduate Saeed Ali al-Shehri- not dead

There’s five dead, including Mohammmed Saleh Awlaki, who it turns out is the son of the former head of the security forces in Lahj.

Xmas Day Delta airline plot linked to Yemen

Fahd al Quso Interview at al Jazeera
Update: Newly Listed Most Wanted Terrorist

According to Yemenat [Arabic], the Supreme Security Committee said one air strike today was on al Quso’s farm. Al Quso is on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list. Is that new? They were both indicted after the 2003 escape.

Al Quso said he was released by judicial decision in 2007, and that Washington objected to his release from prison. Al Quso also said U.S. investigators interrogated him directly after his arrest in Yemen. They told him that foreknowledge of the bombing of the Cole means “to participate and punishable by death,” pointing out that Yemen’s judiciary sentenced on such participation.

In addition to the interview published with Anwar Awlaki, Fahd al Quso gave an interview a few days ago that was published today at al Jazeera.

Yemeni Sheikh: U.S. To Blame For Ft. Hood

(CBS)  A radical Yemeni sheikh, who was a confidante of Major Nidal Hasan, denied inciting the army psychiatrist to carry out last November’s deadly shootings at Fort Hood and instead pointed the finger of blame at the United States.

Known for his incendiary anti-American teachings, Anwar Al-‘Awlaki faulted American foreign policy for creating the conditions which ignited the rampage in which 13 were killed, according to the text of an interview posted on Aljazeera.net. An English translation of the Q&A was supplied to CBSNews.com by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“I did not recruit Nidal Hasan to this operation; the one who recruited him was America, with its crimes and injustice, and this is what America refuses to admit,” Al-‘Awlaki said.

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