Hillary Clinton shows that the US is now openly kissing-up to Israel, but not just Israel: Israeli right wing extremists like Netanyahu and the Likud project to continue colonizing all of original Palestine.
Uri Avnery, founder of the Israeli peace group, Gush Shalom, put it right in this recent article, In the Name of Zionism, when he bluntly admitted that Zionism controls American foreign policy. It is an illusion to believe that the US State Department runs our foreign policy when it comes to Israel and the Middle East.

Here is just a brief excerpt:

The leaders of the “Zionist State” depend to a large extent upon the Diaspora and use it for their own purposes. The Exile-Jewish AIPAC ensures the subjection of the US Congress to the will of the Israeli government. The “Anti-Defamation League” (which should more properly be called the “Defamation League”) is terrorizing the American media in order to prevent any criticism of Israeli policy. In the past, the United Jewish Appeal was essential for the economic wellbeing of Israel.

For years, the foreign policy of Israel has been based upon the power of the Jewish “exile” community in the US. Every country, from Egypt to Uzbekistan, knew that if it wanted aid from the American Congress, it had first of all to acquire the support of Israel. In order to get access to the American Sultan, they first had to get past the Israeli gate-keeper.

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Al Jezeera reported that the Palestinians are now accusing Washington of killing all hope of reviving the peace process with the Israelis, as the continuation of settlement building is given Washington’s approval. As the above kissy video tells, Hillary Clinton, who represents US foreign policy, signaled a complete U-turn on settlement building. “The issue is not now a precondition for negotiations.”

In short, the Likud government is now free to build and expand settlements at will, while it delays and stalls during what will only be low-level “proximity” talks, i.e., the gateway to whether the Israelis and Palestinians will ever actually get to real peace negotiations. One is reminded here of the tactics of other Likud PM’s like Shamir and Sharon, who promised incessant talk without substance, as the colonization of Palestine continued.

Israel now controls 60% of the West Bank and all of East Jerusalem.

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