Twelve percent of the seats in the House of Representatives are from California. About 50 of those 53 seats are uncompetitive. The system is broken. But the solution is probably a bit worse. California drew safe districts after the 2000 census. The correct solution is to draw competitive districts after this year’s census. Instead, they’re going to change how 12% of the seats in the House are selected. No longer will there be party primaries. Instead, all candidates regardless of party will be on the same ballot. Only the top two vote-getters will appear on the general election ballot. So, in many districts, you won’t even have the option to vote for a candidate from your party in the general election. If you belong to a third party, you might go your entire life without having the chance to vote for your candidate in a general election.

The upside is that we’ll see fewer crazy California Republicans. But we’ll also see fewer liberal Democrats. That’s because in races where there are only two Republicans or two Democrats to choose from, the more moderate cahdidate will win almost every time.

And all this annoying change from a stupid Proposition. I hate the Proposition law. It’s ruined California. Now it’s threatening to ruin American politics.

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