The PermaGov has changed its mind. They gave Obama two years to get the job done and he has not done so. He has lost the confidence of the stockholders, the little people, and they are roiling and seething around at the bottom of the societal pyramid, mounting a right-wing challenge to the entire Board of Directors. RatPubs and DemRats both.

The Board cannot afford that.

Bad for bizness, don’tcha know.

The Generals never liked him anyway.

“I tol’ ya!!!” they are saying.

And now Obama is toast.

How do I know?

Because they have sent Woodward after him.


UH oh!!!


The headlines are already screaming, even before the book is published.

Obama presidency ‘hobbled by discord’ according to book.

Book says aides doubt Obama’s Afghan strategy

And perhaps most informative of all…from Fox News.

Hillary Was Right

Hillary was right all along. President Obama wasn’t ready for the 3:00 a.m. phone call. As Bob Woodward’s new book, “Obama’s War,” demonstrates in page after page, President Obama doesn’t know how to be a good wartime president, and doesn’t really want to be one. He sees it as a distraction from his goal of transforming America, and his aides’ worry it will be hard to spin in a reelection campaign.

Now when Fox News gives Hillary Clinton her props, you just know the fix is in.

That “across the aisle” stuff that Obama was spinning?

I got yer “bipartisanship. Right there!!!

Next member of the administration to cut and run?


Bet on it…unless perhaps a deal has already been made for her to be Obama’s Cheney next time around.

Bet on it.

I don’t know how long the contract has been out…a book takes time to write and publish…but I think that probably Woodward and his publishers were told to prepare the hit “just in case,” if y’know what I mean.

Just in case.

The case is now.

Emergency time!

They may have waited too long

Palin is on the upswing.

Tea Baggers are threatening the big mob’s hegemony.

Seriously threatening.

Didja hear the news?

The Quinnipiac pollsters…usually reliably left-leaning in their numbers…are saying today that Carl Paladino is only 6 points behind Stoneface Cuomo.

I tol’ ya!!!

Re: Troubling Night

What is so confounding about this?

Where’s the surprise?

Didn’t anybody notice what happened in Massachusetts w/Scott Brown?


That was 8 months ago, and things have only gotten worse since.

I knew Paladino had a good shot as soon as I heard his rap.

And don’t count him out against Cuomo, either.

Cuomo’s got the look of a career insider. That’s because he is a career insider, of course. Not a good place to be these days, if you haven’t noticed. He’s played down and dirty politics in Albany for a number of years. Many think that his office was really behind the Spitzer scandal…check off one potential rival. (And check off a Wall Street whistleblower as well. Betcha the real $$$$$$ guys were very…grateful. [$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$]) And the nasty Paterson stuff, too. There goes another rival.

Plus…he’s a scowly, unpleasant looking sonofabitch.


His father never had that problem.


Of course…Mario didn’t come up filthy rich, either. He had street experience.

Come to think of it, so did Paladino.

Paladino is a second-generation American whose parents emigrated from Italy to the United States. His father participated in the original Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.


Paladino attended St. Bonaventure University and the Syracuse University College of Law. He received his Juris Doctor degree in 1971. He spent three years on active duty in the United States Army and seven years in the reserve, retiring in 1981 at the rank of Captain.

Not exactly a PermaGov resume, is it?


Paladino’s emails?

Lissen up, podnas.

Racism and porn addiction are plusses in the eyes of any number of right-wingish white males.

You haven’t noticed?


Har har har!!! He’s one of us!!!! “Easy big fella?” Har har har har har har har!!!! Didja see that, Tony!!!??? Terrific!!!

Like dat.


I think Cuomo is a prime candidate for a game-changing upset, myself.

Watch the polls.


Like I said only about a week ago…you remember, when everybody was scoffing at the ham-handed Paladino?

Watch the polls.

Now about this Woodward fella:

So here comes Woodward.

Woodward made his bones by taking down Nixon.

And he has had an…interesting…career since then.

Here is something that I posted way back in 2006.

It still pertains.

Bet on that as well.

Bob Woodward…ALL smoke and mirrors?

Susanhu posted a diary yesterday called Did WH Leak Classified Info to Woodward? in which she made the interesting statement “…if some of my friends are correct, Bob is a member of the intelligence community, and has been for a long time. I can’t confirm that but there’s been strong suspicion.”

“Strong suspicion” is right.

Here is a reprint of a diary that I wrote first for dKos back when people were still allowed to speak some semblance of the truth on that site. (About a month before the infamous July 4th massacre in which Kos + Kompany eliminated all those who did not toe their “electable” party line.) It was elicited by Woodward’s role in claiming that poor old Alzheimered-out Mark Felt was “Deep Throat” in that fictional morality play presented as the truth called Watergate. I originally included the entire text of the article mentioned, but I will now only give a link to it and then add my comments on its contents. In my opinion there are just too many intel-linked “coincidences” in Woodward’s life to allow any other conclusion to be drawn than that he is indeed a very high level intelligence asset.

And he is STILL playing his part, as Murray Waas  has so clearly noticed.

Read on …

Bob Woodward, by Lisa Pease

Here’s a recap.

Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.

Go read the artiicle if you doubt this sketch of it.

Woodward is described by Ms. Pease as “staunchly conservative.” Whatever THAT really means.

Yale undergrad, second level secret society member (one of a total of 15 tabbed for the “honor” of being a member of ANY secret society). and Naval ROTC cadet.

Upon graduation from Yale, almost immediately assigned to a “floating Pentagon” ship, complete with a top secret clearance (Just like ol’ Lee Harvey’s) and later a free pass out of Vietnam. Lucky Ensign Woodward, eh?

Next…a job at the Pentagon. “Briefing” high level spooks like General Al Haig. This boy was a ROCKET!!! Straight up into NeverNeverland for HIM!!! What…only a few years from being a Yale undergrad to briefing the Chief of Staff in the White House? MIRACLE!!!

“…subsequent high-level friendships with leaders of the U.S. military and the CIA.”

WHAT was his rank in the navy again?  No mention of it on the net as far as I can find. Lieutenant Commander, maybe? No higher, after only a few years of service. A rank that these “leaders of the U.S. military and the CIA” generally treat as not much better than a house servant. A “communications officer” still in his 20s?  As in “Take a letter, sailor.”

But…WAIT A MINUTE!!! There he is, suddenly in the White House with General “I’m In Charge” Haig, and soon thereafter having “subsequent high-level friendships with leaders of the U.S. military and the CIA.”

Hmmm… What gives?

Need more? OK…

The last human being to see William Casey alive.

Ye GODS!!! Do you have ANY idea of who Casey was?

He was one of the last of the old school, working O.S.S. officer spies. All secrets and not an OUNCE of give. He knew every secret that the CIA had squirreled away since they began rescuing Nazis to use as counterspies during the Cold War.

A TOMB of secrets.

As Casey lay dying in a hospital, doubtless pumped full of painkillers and legally non compos mentis…DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT THE CIA WOULD SIMPLY WALK AWAY AND LET WHATEVER INTRUDER WHO WANTED TO  DO SO JUST AMBLE IN THERE TO “INTERVIEW” HIM!!!


Let ALONE that Casey was scheduled to testify before the Senate Committee investigating the Iran-Contra mess in two days. And Woodward claimed that Casey admitted to him that he was aware of the diversion of funds from the sale of arms to Iran for the support of the Contras in Nicaragua!!! New CIA uses dying OLD CIA as patsy. Perfect!!!

No one ELSE even heard Casey say a goddamned WORD around the same time. Brain cancer and craniotomies’ll do that to you, don’tcha know…

Ludicrous on the face of it. Under orders from someone to do something, for sure.

Here’s another howler. “Onetime CIA Director Stansfield Turner, a friend of Woodward’s since 1966…” Woodward was still at YALE in 1965!!! And Turner is 20 years OLDER than Woodward. What? Did they meet at FOOTBALL GAME!!!???

Give me a break.

Let alone all the deceptions implicit in his role in the Watergate scandal, which are THOROUGHLY enumerated above.



Do it yourself.

You have a computer and an internet connection.

Get to work.

Google Bradlee, the Grahams, WAPO, Allen Dulles, Operation Mockingbird, Frank Wisner (whose son Frank Jr. was one of the Enron officials who got away clean. It’s got to be genetic…bad genes plus good contacts. COMPANY contacts.), and so on.

This is NOT “tinfoil hat” material. It is the stuff of realpolitik, manipulations that have gone on daily for 60+ years in the underground area where American government, culture, media and the intelligence community meet and greet.

Wise up.

The same thing is happening again.

Bet on it.

If you are going to allow yourselves to be fooled…at LEAST know it. That way, when push comes to shove (and it’s going to eventually…NO con game lasts forever), you will have the option of changing your mind.

If, however, you do NOT look at it, full in the face…then you have no mind TO change, and the next group of fourflushers will step right up and continue faking you out of your shoes AND your stake.

Your choice.

Have fun…

And…wake the fuck up.


I wrote then:

“The same thing is happening again.”

And it is still happening.

Again and again and again and again and again until we…

Wake the fuck up, goddammit!!!

Station WTFU signing off once again.

Gotta go take a shower.

The stink of the PermaGov is all over me now.



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