The attention gained by the Romney-Ryan ticket in the media has resulted in leaders of many faiths speaking out against the Paul Ryan Budget. Paul Ryan is even denouncing it to be based on the teachings of ‘saint’ Rand Ayn but rather on the moral guide of St. Thomas Aquino. LOL He is digging his own economic grave deeper. Instead of an asset, Paul Ryan may soon become Mitt Romney’s liability.

The nuns representing the poor have just visited Janesville in Wisconsin on their very own bus tour. They left the small crowds chanting “You Go Girls!” See also my recent diary – Paul Ryan: Wealth, Men, Power and Church Hierarchy. I also did a recent write-up about Archbishop T. Dolan, Paul Ryan and Catholic Teachings. Now even from the Church hierarchy, views and statements are opposed to the Paul Ryan Budget.

Catholic sisters rally against Ryan budget

(JS Online) – A group of Catholic sisters broke bread with the poor and homeless at Milwaukee’s St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church, part of a nine-state bus tour drawing attention to proposed Republican budget cuts and the Catholic charities they say would be harmed by them.

“The current House budget is going to devastate people at the margins,” said Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of Washington-based Network, the Catholic social justice lobby singled out in a recent Vatican rebuke of U.S. Catholic sisters.

“We believe we need reasonable revenues for responsible programs,” she said.

The sisters are joining scores of faith leaders, includ ing the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, in criticizing the budget drafted by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) that would remake Medicare and Medicaid and slash domestic spending on programs that benefit the poor.

The “Nuns on the Bus” tour rolled into Wisconsin – a day after GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared – stopping first at Ryan’s Janesville office to drop off an alternative “faithful budget” proposal they say better reflects their Catholic values.

While some Catholic bishops have called Ryan a good friend and conscientious Catholic – New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Madison’s Bishop Robert Morlino among them – the Bishops Conference has criticized the budget as immoral and unjust – a refrain repeated by the sisters.

A dozen leaders from the faith community were arrested on the Hill in protest for the poor

Paul Ryan’s Aquinian Epiphany h/t Super390

Author originally posted this piece back in May. With Paul Ryan being named to the GOP presidential ticket – and his “Catholic” credentials being touted, it’s worth revisiting.

(Talk To Action) – This past week we learned that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has had an Aquinian epiphany of sorts. The former Ayn Rand acolyte has essentially thrown the controversial author and her philosophy of Objectivism under the bus because of “her atheism.”

But Ryan seems to have changed little except the  labels he uses to disguise his economic philosophy of miserliness.

With the possible exceptions of Ron and Rand Paul, no other elected official has more openly embraced the philosophy of Ayn Rand than Paul Ryan. There is the well-known YouTube video wherein he gushes over the “morality” of Rand’s laissez-faire capitalism.  Ryan’s fandom for Rand was so hot that he would even give copies of her dreary tome, Atlas Shrugged as Christmas gifts.

But as voters have become increasingly aware of Rand’s toxic philosophy — one in which selfishness is elevated to a virtue; where state assistance to the disabled is equated with enslaving taxpayers; and self-sacrifice is derided – Ryan has had second thoughts. Indeed, in apparent anticipation of his recent Georgetown University appearance, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee has attempted to repackage his economic philosophy as if it were a product of Catholic Social Justice teaching.

Jesuits meet Paul Ryan in Georgetown call

"But I will not let myself be reduced to silence."

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