I think it’s a stupid notion to look at this election as a troubled marriage between the president and the people who voted him into office. Maybe there are some people who are disappointed in the president, but no one likes Mitt Romney. And I mean no one. But it’s not all about Mitt Romney. The Republican Party has spent the last twelve years demonizing Muslims. It’s been bashing gays with gusto since at least 2004. It’s been blasting away at Latinos ever since President Bush got the crazy notion of doing immigration reform. It’s actively doing everything it can to suppress the black vote. It insults Europe at every opportunity. There is one Jewish Republican in all of Congress. The GOP has been waging an all-out assault on women’s reproductive rights and has opposed equal pay for equal work with religious fervor. Who the fuck is left who might might want to vote for these assholes?

Where this administration has fallen short, whether it be through obstruction or lack of vision or even a lack of nerve, the Republicans offer no succor. Want Gitmo closed? Romney won’t do that. Want out of Afghanistan quicker? Romney doesn’t. Want cramdown for underwater mortgages? Don’t ask Mitt. Want more regulation and accountability on Wall Street? You know the answer to that. What a more equitable tax system? Please.

And we can go down the list.

Want more investment in schools?
Want less defense spending?
Want more sane drug laws?
Want prison reform?
Want a less bellicose foreign policy?
Want a tougher line with Israel?
Want more humanitarian relief and debt forgiveness?
Want more economic protectionism?
Want a stronger labor movement?
Want to balance the budget?

Want to protect Social Security and Medicare?
Want to address climate change?
Want cheaper college tuition?

I mean, you can find fault with the Obama administration on many, many things, but you won’t find any movement in a better direction from the Republican Party on any issue under the sun.

This is not about people being disappointed in Obama. This is about the Republican Party having very unpopular ideas and a determination to insult and alienate almost everyone in the county who doesn’t strongly resemble Karl Rove.

Why aren’t the Republicans doing better?

What a dumb question. Why are they polling competitively at all?

These Republican strategists are trying to figure out how to get people to divorce Barack Obama. They ought to give up that moronic idea. They aren’t winning because they aren’t very appealing.

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