Another budget gem from the most “liberal” President evah:

President Barack Obama’s budget proposal Wednesday said TVA could be sold after a coming “strategic review” and suggested transferring ownership of the authority could help reduce the federal budget deficit.

TVA is just another one of those New Deal legacy projects — aka socialism.  Surely the fine folks in Tennessee will applaud the privatization of this public energy company.  Isn’t that why they vote for Republicans?  Rejected one of their own for GWB in 2000?

Or maybe not:

…Several lawmakers joined Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander, the state’s senior U.S. senator, in throwing water on a possible sale of the authority known as TVA.

TVA’s advocates say that because it reinvests profits, the federal corporation contributes to low electricity rates that help attract businesses to the region. The utility itself has almost 13,000 employees.

Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., a Republican whose district includes TVA’s Knoxville, Tenn., headquarters, said the budget proposal “is not likely to go anywhere.”

If selling TVA would only hurt the dumbasses in TN that elect regressive Republicans hell bent on destroying all parts of the New Deal not in TN, I’d be for it.  But low income people in TN can’t afford privatized utility bills.  Then there’s the precedent of selling off what little common productive assets we own.  We need more and not less commons.

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