Twitter seems to be the only way to really follow what is going on in Boston and its suburbs. I just have to rely on my own filter to weed through the fire hydrant of information and decide what is reliable and what is not. Every other media source is too slow. The cable stations can’t keep up.

I think we only have a small piece of this puzzle solved right now. There are definitely more than just two people involved. In addition to the two brothers who were presented as suspects by the FBI yesterday, there’s someone suspected of being on a train and another man in his 60’s or 70’s who was confronted on Arsenal Street in the Watertown area. He supposedly had an explosive vest or device of some kind and possibly a trigger in his hand.

We will have to wait until things settle down until we can come to any conclusions about who is responsible for yesterday’s crimes and the marathon bombing. And then we’ll have to decide what it means as far as policy after that.

We know too little right now to draw conclusions.

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