So, in a recent diary/journal, I had just posted that I had been in the hospital yet again.  Not as bad an illness this time around…last time I had almost DIED of blood loss due to bleeding ulcers which I had no idea that I had. I know there are just a crapload of cool things to do in and around the city. Probably more than I could possibly remember. Only problem is, I’m here on my own, without my husband–you know, the one I married straight out of high school in August of 1987? We moved to central Ohio in 1988.
We went everywhere using buses and trains “back in the day”.  A year after we moved to Columbus in 1988, we bought a CAR for the first time. One can kind of get used to that sort of luxury. And, of course, the world has moved on since the last time we were here. , Back then,  public transportation didn’t have a web site. Let alone turn-by-turn GPS navigation, trip planners that didn’t involve that archaic “pencil and paper” stuff. Supposed to go pick up a rent-a-car from Budget soon.  But, then what? AAAACK!

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