It is gratifying to see that CNN is giving due credit to David Waldman, who you may know better by his blogging nom de guerre Kagro X, for leading the charge to convince Democratic senators that the filibuster rule had to be amended.

Waldman and his co-conspirators formed a strategy referred to as an inside-outside coalition. The outside consisted of the grassroots, charged with motivating progressives to sign petitions and call their senators.

The inside, Waldman said, needed to sway senators. It would need to consist of people senators knew and trusted.

He had to convince a diverse group of advocates that climate change, immigration, the judiciary, and the economy all had one thing in common: The filibuster blocked their legislative goals.
“Getting them to recognize outside their issue silo there’s this one issue frustrating all of you” was key to success, Waldman said.
That’s when Fix the Senate Coalition formed. The Sierra Club joined on. So did the NAACP and the Communications Workers of America, just to name a few.

CWA President Larry Cohen said it was clear something needed to be done.

There is no proof that, in accomplishing this, Waldman ever removed his pajamas or left his parents’ basement.

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