What happened to Miles O’Brien is so flukey that it kind of freaks me out. The next time I drop something heavy on my forearm, I’m definitely going to overreact. I feel really sorry for him, but I guess he’s taking it well.

Amanda Marcotte created a Twitter war with this piece. I think her side is badly outnumbered.

Remember when the Republicans acted like people who like their health insurance should be able to keep it? That was a lie.

As I understand it, polls have shown that it would be easier for a black lesbian to get elected president than an atheist. That’s fine. You know, a lot of people don’t trust atheists because they don’t understand them at all. But, Ayn Rand was an atheist. So, I just thought I’d point that out.

Yeah, I agree that most people are less likely to be falsely accused of rape than to have a space rock land on their head, but that’s only in our world. In the world where pregnant baby girl is going to get beaten half to death by angry daddy, making the false “He forced himself on me” excuse seems like a rational self-preserving decision. That’s how you know that guys who are obsessed with being falsely accused of rape are about as enlightened about women as your typical Mormon outlaw polygamist. Or, in other words, James Taranto would probably throttle his daughter before flying her to some place where she could get an abortion without the neighbors being any wiser. Guess which half of that he thinks should be legal…

The National Review’s Quin Hillyer can’t enjoy his ice dancing without some flamboyant homosexual getting in the way. Really.

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