Paul Ryan really got what he deserved for suggesting that anyone whose kids get nutritional assistance at school doesn’t care about their kids. Turns out, his story about a kid who wanted his lunch in a brown paper bag because it would prove that someone cared about him was lifted from a book written by an advocate of nutritional assistance. The story is actually true, but no one will care because Paul Ryan attributed the story to Eloise Anderson, who serves as the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. Sec. Anderson has testified falsely before Ryan’s committee that she had been the one to meet this child. In fact, the real event happened a quarter century ago, and the child is now in his late 30’s.

The whole point of the book is that children shouldn’t go hungry. And it wound up being twisted into an argument for letting kids starve.

Nice work, Ryan. You’re not just about starving granny anymore.

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