Promoted by Steven D. Questions: Would Webb really be an anti-war candidate? What’s your reaction to him as a potential candidate to oppose Hilary Clinton and/or Joe Biden?

From politicalwire :

Former Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) said he was seriously considering running for president on an anti-war platform, The Hill reports.

Said Webb: “I have strong reasons for being a Democrat. Basically if you want true fairness in society you want to give a voice in the corridors of power for the people who otherwise would not have it, I believe that will come from the Democratic Party and we’re taking a hard look, and we’ll get back to you in a few months.”

What is good about Webb is very good, and what is bad, is well…

Webb is the populist Democrat incarnate in some ways.  I heard him give a speech in NH at the Jefferson/Jackson dinner in ’07.  He went on for some time, and quite persuasively, about the disaster that was Iraq.  He then talked at some length about the incarceration of young African American men, and the disaster that is drug sentencing.

He was against the Iraq War from the beginning, and even more than Bernie Sanders he is skeptical of US intervention in the Middle East. He is instinctively populist.  There are downsides – as those familiar with his record can attest.

His entry would be interesting to say the least.  We need an anti-War Democrat.

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