One advantage of being off the grid for half of September and half of October, and then of being extraordinarily busy over the last two weeks, is that I have not had the exposure or the time required to respond to our political culture with the aneurysm that it deserves. What’s been going on in the media has been so shameful, superficial, shameless and stupid that even a passing acquaintance with it has set my pot on a low boil. If given any amount of time to write, I would surely explode in a venomous outpouring of disgusted bile. In reality, I am only half as pissed off as I would normally be. What we have, instead, is a very grumpy BooMan who hasn’t been granted even the courtesy of his customary avenues of venting in print.

So, I owe you two things. First, I owe you my final Senate predictions. Second, I owe you an epic rant on the current status of our country and everything that goes into its political culture.

Right now, I’m angry about pretty much everything that is out of my immediate control. And you’re going to hear about it.

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