Doesn’t matter that it’s cosmetic — we live in a superficial world where men ogle fake breasts, women envy photoshopped faces and bodies, and YouTube can make anyone rich and/or famous.

The GOP “big tent:”


LA: Jindal – first generation Indian-American
NM: Martinez – Mexican ancestry
NV: Sandoval – Mexican ancestry
SC: Haley – first generation Indian-American


FL: Rubio – first generation Cuban-American
SC: Scott – African-American
TX: Cruz – half-first generation Cuban-American

A number equal to that of Democratic Senators considered racial minorities.  The GOP is still behind on the number of women senators compared to Democrats, but they added one in 2014 and Democrats lost one (assuming Landreiu doesn’t lose her run-off).  But they have plenty of half-wit women in elected office just waiting for an open Senate seat.  


UT: Mia Love – first generation Haitian

The GOP Congressional Hispanic Conference is small, but had a net gain of two seats last Tuesday.

The GOP also has a deep bench of younger African-American politicians and Latino politicians  While Democrats/liberals in the peanut gallery worry about Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, they might want to be concerned about Sandoval as he’s a far more attractive candidate.

2016 doesn’t look promising for Democrats.  Particularly if they insist upon recycling DLC senior citizens for the top of the ticket.  


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