Yes. Ben Shapiro at Townhall blames “us” on the “Left” for the stoking the flames of a racial divide over the confederate battle flag.

Of course, its Obama’s fault, too, but he had help. You see, the whole confederate flag controversy was ginned up by the “Left” an amorphous clique of anti-Americans who live to torment little Ben apparently when they aren’t trying to destroy the country. It was the Left, according to Ben, who used the flag to create racial divisiveness among good ordinary folks, white and black, who were united in their grieving over the horrible mass murder of nine black church members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopalian Church in Charleston. I assume he includes all of us here among the evil “Left” who have done so much to “misdirect” the conversation about Charleston.

You see, according to Ben, racism in America is at best an insignificant problem, if it exists at all. If only us “leftists” weren’t so damn eager to politicize and demonize those who were, until recently, very reluctant to do anything about this grand symbol of “southern heritage.” Leftists like these hateful, race-baiting agitators who protested the flag flaying at South Carolina’s capitol:

Ben thinks this brouhaha is all a big con by the left to destroy our nation’s peaceful, harmonious race relations, despite what Strom Thurmond’s son said on the floor of the South Carolina Senate, not to mention what millions of African Americans and other people of good will believe about our so-called post-racial society. But I should let Ben speak for himself:

President Obama attempted to blame the shootings on the National Rifle Association and lack of gun control; Hillary Clinton blamed the shootings on white supremacy and Donald Trump-like overheated rhetoric; Bill Maher blamed Fox News …

Despite these divisive tactics, Americans united. There were no racial lines to grief: Thousands of blacks and whites marched in Charleston, packed the devastated church, mourned together.

But the American left could not stand such racial unity — it threatens their cherished belief that America continues to represent racial oppression and white supremacy. And so the media and politicians on the left manufactured a racial controversy over the Confederate flag.

Yep, we manufactured a controversy. Hell, it’s not like that flag was ever used to inflame the passions of racism in our country – even quite recently. It’s not like thousands of people who flocked to Sarah Palin’s dogwhistle rallies for “real Americans” during the 2008 presidential campaign didn’t wave that flag around. Or that it magically reappeared at Ted Cruz events like it was his unofficial logo.

Yeah, the left is responsible, all right. Before we made a stink about this symbol of heritage, no one on the right ever flaunted it at political events, or used it to intimidate African Americans or promote white supremacy. Nope, all our fault.

Right, Ben. Well thanks for your opinion. You know where you can shove it.

Ps. If you want the link to Ben’s Townhall post about the confederate flag controversy being a Leftist plot, well look it up for yourself. I refuse to provide it.

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