Davis X Machina commented on my recent post Elizabeth Warren Threatens Deep State. Non-Partisan, Pro-Freedom Sense From the Internet, Pt. II:

By virtue of being a major-party Senator, isn’t Senator Warren actually part of the Deep State? Or at least the PermaGov?

And if she isn’t, why hasn’t she been silenced by same?

Perhaps it’s because…. she’s just another politician?

Here on this leftiness blog, it has become almost de rigeur to occupy the position that “The Deep State” actually consists of the two major parties and that the DemRats are the good guys. The reason that I have stopped commenting is precisely that position…I got tired of being downrated and insulted for suggesting that both parties are equally suspect and that neither one is to be trusted.

However, Trump’s election and the RatPublicans’ control…assumed control, anyway…of the White House and Congress has shattered the effective monolith of the DemRat Party. (At least it was effective enough to deny Bernie Sanders any chance of a primary win as far as I am concerned.) Thus the quite politically and publicity-savvy Elizabeth Warren has seen an entry point into perhaps lessening if not totally divorcing the Dems’ position in the Deep State, much as has the equally savvy and much more potentially destructive Donald Trump.

Has she herself been “part of the Deep State?”

Yes, just as a thorn in your foot becomes a “part” of you if not successfully excised.

She seems to see an entryway to real power over the next four years, and her anti-corporatist instincts are right on point as fas as I am concerned.

Will she be able to remain “pure” and still acquire power?

Of course not.

Is she better than the Clintonian neolibs?

I think so, myself.

Much better.

Were she to run in 2020, it would most certainly not be the same kind of Scylla and Charybdis choice that we were offered in 2016.

Not by a long shot.

Bet on it.


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