Marie3 commented on my most recent post, Politics, Intelligence and the Deep State. More Non-Partisan, Pro-Freedom Sense From the Internet:

Listened to this interview with Matt Taibbi where he attempted to explain why the MSM SOP takedown of presidential candidates didn’t work with Trump.  If Taibbi has an answer, it didn’t come out in the interview.  But it did cause me to begin pondering the question.  A diary and conversation on this question would be of interest to me.

Here is my response:

I listened to the interview.

Taibbi came close to explaining the situation.

The usual mainstream media, standard operating procedure takedown of presidential candidates didn’t work with Trump because the people who tended to support Trump had given up on the mainstream media.


Because the MSM lies…including the astounding prevalence of Big Pharma/Big Med/Big Insurance sponsorship of said news media…had simply gotten too transparent to work anymore. Even the dumbest watchers knew that if one watched say an hour of “news”…say 1/2 hour of so-called “local” news” and 1/2 hour of  equally so-called “national” news (which would necessarily include some 20-30 minutes of watching false advertising), out of that hour one might get 2 or 3 minutes of real information.

If that.

The rest? Just lying advertising and Deep State bullshit.

So if 20%/30%/50% of the news was anti-Trump, then if it was all bullshit, 20%/30%/50% of the news was actually recommending Trump.

End of story.

If a proven liar consistently opposes something and supports something else…and that is exactly what happened (and continues to happen) with the media regarding Trump and his opposition…it doesn’t take a Harvard doctorate to figure out that the consistently opposed force needs a good, careful look.

They looked…with newly de-scaled eyes…they liked what they saw and heard, and they voted.


Were they ‘wrong?”

Given two negative choices and no third choice?

Who’s to say?

Not me.

Now the media situation has scaled up another notch.

Now it’s Cold War II, with Trump and Putin as the bad guys.

Will this work?


It might even be true.

Stay tuned.

Even the most dedicated liars accidentally say something true eventually.



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