Here’s something personal I’ll share about myself. Lately, I’ve been looking at Game of Thrones stories as attractive material for crafting blog posts not so much because they interest me or that I think they’ll interest you, but because I need a psychological break from writing about things of such import and gravity that there’s tremendous work required to not get basic things wrong.

You should try writing authoritatively on Syria or Ukraine, or explaining detailed Senate procedure in way that your audience is not getting from the papers and news programs. See if you can wade through the Russia scandal and sort it out enough to add something that isn’t just lazy speculation or half-witted conspiratorial musings. Try figuring out what House Republican factions will do or won’t do when put under pressure by their own president and leadership.

If you don’t like getting egg on your face, you won’t try these things at all, and it you’re willing to take the risk, you’ll need to work very hard to make sure you aren’t missing something that will be pointed out to you in two seconds on Twitter.

But the Game of Thrones articles? Anyone can have an opinion on that. And no one expects you to really know what’s going on in Trump’s boardroom. So, hey, you can say that Bannon needs to become a “team player” or he’ll soon be gone, and everyone will think it was a great read and you’re quite a clever fellow.

The risk/reward/effort ratios look very attractive to me.

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