WATCH: President Trump Meets Putin and Gets Ready for G20 Summit Meeting in Germany, Hamburg 2017

According to US broadcaster NBC, citing pool reports, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are still talking:

    “President Trump and President Putin are still
    talking 90 minutes into meeting, per pool.
    They had originally been scheduled for 30 minutes.”

G20 underway in Hamburg amid violent protests ++ live updates ++ | DW |

The G20 summit has begun in Hamburg amid a citywide shutdown and widespread protests. Chancellor Angela Merkel urged leaders to show unity on issues of climate change, trade and migration.

Lack of consensus on climate issues

The two-day meeting between the 19 most important industrial and emerging economies in the world (plus the European Union) will begin with a discussion on the fight against global warming. US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will not take part in that, however, and have scheduled a formal meeting with each other instead.

Trump’s absence from the climate discussion shows German organizers that the United States would prefer to leave the issue out of the all-important summit declaration completely.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested on Thursday evening that officials would have two long nights ahead of them as they attempt to settle on a declaration wording that all parties can agree on. “The negotiations are not easy,” she said.

Currently many contradictions still exist between the participating nations, not only on climate change policy, but also on world trade and migration. Some summit diplomats have said that the US could oppose the rest of the G20 membership and abandon the goal of reaching a general consensus altogether.  

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