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When the Syrian people fled their war torn country in 2015, the Xenophobia and Islamophobia grew to unexpected heights and become a political item across Europe by populist party “leaders”.

The Refugee Crisis: One Million People Fled to Europe in 2015

The British got their Brexit, EU countries got an increase in right-wing extremism, anti-Muslim legislation was introduced and last but not least the right-wing of the Republican party got their leader chose as President. Making any sense of it all? What are the numbers as time passed by and the jihadist terror in Syria has diminished? The latest stats from UNHCR …

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Most common nationalities of Mediterranean sea arrivals from January 2018 | UNHCR |

Fewer migrants enter Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, says UN agency | March 2018 |

UNHCR shocked by mass drownings off Libya, calls for urgent action

The Balkan route: A train passes through! | DW Oct. 2015 |


Visegrad countries urge stronger EU border defense | DW June 2018 |
Europe can’t take in ‘new wave of refugees,’ says Austrian conservative MP | DW June 2018 |

Solidarity and integration on display at `No Stranger Place’ exhibition in Paris

After fleeing persecution for being gay in his native Mali, Louis found the moral support and understanding he long sought with Armand and Christophe, a couple who kindly agreed to host him in their Parisian flat.

Armand and Christophe are among many ordinary citizens across Europe who have opened hearts and homes to refugees, in contrast to some governments and politicians who have called for tighter borders.

No Stranger Place is a photo series developed and photographed by photographer Aubrey Wade in partnership with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to highlight these acts of compassion. After London, Berlin, Vienna and Stockholm, the exhibition is now on display at Ground Control in Paris.

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