Welcome back, music lovers. Kraftwerk were among the pioneers of practically any subgenre of electronic music we now take for granted. Here is a clip from a concert in 1970:

And here’s the video of the complete gig for those who have the patience (I advise having the patience here – you’ll be rewarded if you love experimental music).

There are times when I wish I had been born a couple decades earlier, so that I could have been around West Germany when this scene was going on. German progressive music (also known by many as krautrock) was amazing. I got turned on to some of this simply because I was already listening to some technopop as a teen, but also because I had something of a soft spot for British progressive as well. I was told If I enjoyed Dark Side of the Moon I needed to check out early Tangerine Dream, Can, and a whole bunch of stuff from Kraftwerk that at the time was out of print. Tracking that stuff down was something of a hobby of mine for a while. These days we can just find it all on YouTube it seems.

More to come as time permits. In the meantime, cheers!

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