Texas Republican John Cornyn isn’t satisfied with simply BEING an asshole. He wants to make sure you know he’s an asshole too.

Far be it from me to defend Bank of America, but at least they’re not as bad as John fucking Cornyn. He literally thinks dying and sick children, snatched from their mothers, is something to joke about—and let me remind you that this twit will turn on a dime and start piously quoting scripture as if he’s a sincere Christian.

I honestly do not understand what would drive someone to laugh at sick children, other than brain worms and a steady diet of Fox News. Nonetheless, I say we give the asshole from Texas the attention he wants. You can find his offices here. Call him up and tell him what you think of him: feel free to use terms like “child abuse,” “human rights,” and “what’s it like to work for a bona fide Nazi?” Try 202-224-2934 first, but his local offices are all available at the link. Tell his staff I told you to call!

And then sling a few bucks to ANYONE who’s challenging the pasty, white turd. Here’s one.

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