Don’t ask me why, but I actually watched the Facebook video chat¬†starring MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. He tries to explain why he went to the White House on Friday to talk to President Trump with a detailed plan to carry out a military coup and remain in power. Of course, a photographer captured an image of the top page of his plan, which involved martial law “if necessary,” an invocation of the Insurrection Act, and inserting former Devin Nunes staffer Kash Patel as acting head of the CIA. All of it would be blamed on a made-up story that China and Iran interfered in the election.

As I listened to Lindell spin out his version of his White House visit and what he claims to believe about the election, I was confused about whether he’s insane or cunning, or maybe some strange combination of the two. But, about ten minutes in, he explained that he’s a recovering cocaine addict, and it all suddenly made perfect sense. He sounds just like every tweaker I’ve ever known. Cocaine and meth scramble and disorganize the human brain, and it takes an extremely long time for the body to repair the damage. The post-acute recovery from these addictions is measured in years rather than weeks or months. In some cases, the damage is simply irreversible. Simply put, Mike Lindell has cocaine brain. He’s every bit as brain damaged as someone who has suffered blunt force trauma. He actually needs help.

It sounds like the president’s staffers blew him off as gently as they could, but it’s important to remember that he still received an audience with Trump and that what Lindell was saying and proposing largely comports with what people like Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, and Sidney Powell have been saying and proposing. Trump really did try to pull of a coup, and he really has been trying to put Kash Patel in at the CIA. The president just placed a crony in as chief counsel of the National Security Agency.

So, this is basically a failed Tweaker Coup.

Most Republicans in this country have been roped into believing that cocaine dreams are real.

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