Image Credits: Rick Wilking / Reuters.

Bob Dole has left the building. Marty, in my opinion, said pretty much everything that needed to be said about Dole back in July. 2021.

He took a gigantic smelly dump all over his entire life, career and legacy, including his sacrifices, his service, and all his accomplishments. When Dole dies, we’ll read about his long political career but we’ll also read that he backed Trump until the end, and that’s what really matters.


I no longer respect him. I hold him in utter contempt. Every other Republican clan came around eventually to the realization that the party has drifted too far out of reality. The Eisenhower kids saw enough with George W. Bush and endorsed Obama. Nancy Reagan and the Bush clan saw enough with Trump. The same is true of John McCain and his family, and Mitt Romney. Liz Cheney is bucking with her party as we speak, and will serve on the January 6 committee.

I’ll only add this: Dole launched his political career after being permanently injured while fighting Nazis, and in the end decided they’re not so bad after all.

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