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The week between my last post and this one feels like an eternity. The events in the US and across the world? Wow. Just wow. Just when I thought 2022 couldn’t get any weirder or uglier, 2022 says “hold my beer.”

I thought I’d showcase a bit of Richard H. Kirk’s work. He was a former member of the industrial music combo Cabaret Voltaire. They made their share of interesting LPs back in the day, and their last three LPs would point the direction that Kirk was heading. This is just one of many solo Kirk tracks you might stumble upon. There are some really amazing tunes to be found, whether in his own name or one of his pseudonyms (e.g., Sandoz).

A lot of music that got classified as ambient around the mid-1990s was this odd combination of soothing with a hint that something disturbing was beneath the surface.

Alrighty then. The bar is open and the jukebox mostly works. And just remember what Hunter S. Thompson once said: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”


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