I enjoy watching Trump scurry around like a rat on a sinking ship. What he desperately wants to know is who within his inner circle is talking to the Feds. One way to find that out is to see the affidavit the Justice Department used to convince a judge to authorize a search warrant on Mar-a-Lago, but they’ll only get to see a highly redacted version which will not likely help them find the mole in their midst.

What’s truly great is that Team Trump believes the Feds were tipped off specifically to the location of the disgraced ex-president’s safe, and also to the existence of a a leather-bound box containing top secret documents. This level of specificity could only have been provided by a very small number of people, including family members.

So, now, the Trumps are all side-eyeing each other, suspecting everyone of being a fink. Which is all totally normal and something we should just expect from our First Families.

I take my pleasures where I can find them.

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