I agree with the Washington Post editorial board’s convention of referring to Donald Trump as “the disgraced ex-president,” and I also endorse their decision to honor Cheryl Johnson.

The person who deserves a standing ovation after this week’s House speaker chaos is clerk Cheryl Johnson. She has been the calm presence at the front of the House chamber, keeping order with a gavel, a poker face and a lot of dignity. Without a speaker in place, she was temporarily in charge.

There was no rulebook for the role in which she found herself. In fact, there are no rules at all for the House until a new speaker takes over. The reason proceedings weren’t dysfunctional was largely because of Ms. Johnson’s ability to command respect — and even admiration — from Republicans and Democrats alike, asking rowdy representatives to refrain “from engaging in personalities toward other members-elect.”

…Her conduct is a model for all. Let’s hope she inspires young people who might be watching to realize that there are ways to serve the country that don’t involve shouting.

I actually use the House clerk’s website quite often and I’ve been especially pleased that it was recently upgraded in a massive way after years of being frustratingly outdated and difficult to use. I assume Johnson oversaw that process, and I was happy to finally be able to be able to place a face and name with with office of the clerk.

I, too, was impressed with her demeanor and command during the days-long battle to elect a Speaker, and I agree that she set an excellent example of what government service should look like, especially when contrasted with the travesty the House Republicans were putting on display.

She’s really an impressive person, as accomplished academically as she is experienced in the workings of Congress. I feel better knowing she’s there holding down the fort, lending some competence and seriousness to an institution that is sorely lacking in both.

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