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Greetings! It’s another mid-week. Last week, I posted a Miles Davis video. I’m going to stick with Miles Davis this week. My Dad and I didn’t necessarily see eye to eye when it came to music, other than (certainly as I matured) the really good songs and albums were ones that had as he would put it, “lasting value.” We’d end up sharing an appreciation for the work of Miles Davis. Dad and I enjoyed different eras of Miles’ recordings. I think as a teen I initially got into his post-retirement comeback recordings. Those had Miles backed by a mostly electric band. Dad enjoyed Miles’ recordings from the late 1940s through the early 1960s. He especially loved the albums Miles did where he collaborated with Gil Evans, who would handle arrangements and conduct the band in studio. Those were lush big band recordings that had a great deal in common with orchestral music. I will share with you what I am convinced was Dad’s favorite Miles Davis LP, Sketches of Spain.

Dad passed away Monday evening, so this post is dedicated to his memory. I am grateful that I managed one last visit with him over the weekend. He was having a fairly good day, under the circumstances, and we had a good final conversation. I will miss him, but I have many wonderful memories of one of the people who helped me become who I am now.


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