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“You subscribe politics to it. I subscribe freedom to it.”

-Dubya, referring to the Elian Gonzalez negotiations in Miami, April 6th, 2000.

What a precursor that one was…

Conspiracy to “Destroy the Conservative Movement”

1. In 1997, Rep. Tom Delay and four aides take a six-day trip to Moscow, underwritten by business interests lobbying in support of the Russian government. “The expenses were covered by a mysterious company registered in the Bahamas.”
Cost: $57,238

2. In 2000, DeLay participates in an expense-paid trip to London and Scotland that sources said was indirectly financed in part by an Indian tribe and a gambling services company. Cost: $70,000

3. In 2001, DeLay takes trip to South Korea. The trip is financed by a tax-exempt group created by a lobbyist on behalf of a Korean businessman. Cost: $106,921

All of these trips violated House Ethics rules. The Washington Post: Free Registration front-pages the story this morning. Regarding the first trip, they report:

During his six days in Moscow, he played golf, met with Russian church leaders and talked to Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, a friend of Russian oil and gas executives associated with the lobbying effort.

DeLay also dined with the Russian executives and two Washington-based registered lobbyists for the Bahamian-registered company, sources say. One of those lobbyists was Jack Abramoff, who is now at the center of a federal influence-peddling and corruption probe related to his representation of Indian tribes.

Ah! See how it all ties in? Abramoff was involved in both the Russian trip and the trip to England and Scotland:

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Open Thread

“You fucking son of a bitch. I saw what you wrote. We’re not going to forget this.”

-George W. Bush to writer and editor Al Hunt, 1986.

From back when he still read things, and made clear sense.

Al Hunt is married to CNN newscaster Judy Woodruff. In April 1986, while the couple was eating at a Dallas restaurant with their 4-year-old son, a very pissed-off George W. Bush stormed over to their table and unloaded on Hunt: “You fucking son of a bitch. I saw what you wrote. We’re not going to forget this.” (Hunt’s transgression was having predicted in the Wall Street Journal that Jack Kemp would win the 1988 Republican nomination instead of Vice President George H.W. Bush).

Some Good News

There is a good column on the current political landscape in DC today, in the Washington Post:

Republican congressional leaders return to Washington today to confront a political landscape that is considerably more problematic than the one they left two weeks ago, when the House and Senate adjourned for Easter recess.

The searingly emotional Terri Schiavo case…is now fueling claims that party leaders are out of step with mainstream America.

Polling data seems to back this up…at least as it relates to the Schiavo case. It remains to be seen where the American people stand on torture.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), already battling ethics charges, added to his combative reputation by bitterly attacking state and federal judges who rejected pleas to keep the brain-damaged woman alive. Meanwhile, his allies were rattled by criticisms from several conservative publications, including a Wall Street Journal editorial that accused DeLay of abuses that “sooner or later will sweep him out.”

When the WSJ editorial board says something like that, it means that DeLay has lost even his most rabid supporters within the Establishment. He will now attempt to save himself by donning the Shroud of Turin…or something similarly absurd.

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What Was Bush Thinking On 9/11?

I am posting an article I wrote back in the Fall/Winter of 2003-2004.  It’s long as hell, so don’t feel the need to read it.  Maybe print it out.  It lost all potential for publication when Richard Clarke testified and verified most of my allegations.

What Was Bush Thinking On 9/11?

Millions around the world believe that Bush had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks.
Most are crackpots. But inconsistent statements and White House stonewalling has
given the conspiracy theorists plenty of material to work with and further damaged
U.S. credibility in the War on Terrorism.

By Martin W. Longman (aka BooMan)

Know Thine Enemies

An organization called Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration, will be holding a two day conference at the Washington Marriott Hotel on 1221 22nd Street NW, this Thursday and Friday.

For interviews or other media information, please contact Don Feder at 1-508-405-1337 or by email at

For media credentials, please fax on your organization’s letterhead a requests for credentials to 936-634-8749. Please include names of individuals covering the event and job title. Credentials will be issued only to recognized working media at the discretion of JCCCR. Also, credentialed media will need to provide documentation (ex: Capitol Police issued media badge, Press Club ID, etc.) and a business card at the media check in table at the Marriot.

You can see their schedule here.

You can register here. “Conference Registration cost is $149.00 per person,$249.00 for a husband/wife couple or $75 for registration WITHOUT meals.”

This will be an extraordinary event, bringing together some of the most powerful, influential, and politically connected wingnuts in our country.

I strongly urge someone to attend this conference as either a guest, or as a paying registrant, and to document the strange wingnuttery that occurs.


House Majority Leader Tom DeLay
David C. Gibbs, Esq., attorney for Terri Schiavo’s parents

Chief Justice Roy Moore

Former Ambassador Alan Keyes

For information on the other speakers, go below the flip. I have provided links to most of them, and some choice quotes.

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Does anyone remember this Seymour M. Hersh story, SELECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Donald Rumsfeld has his own special sources. Are they reliable?, from the May, 2003 issue of the New Yorker?

They call themselves, self-mockingly, the Cabal—a small cluster of policy advisers and analysts now based in the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans. In the past year, according to former and present Bush Administration officials, their operation, which was conceived by Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, has brought about a crucial change of direction in the American intelligence community. These advisers and analysts, who began their work in the days after September 11, 2001, have produced a skein of intelligence reviews that have helped to shape public opinion and American policy toward Iraq. They relied on data gathered by other intelligence agencies and also on information provided by the Iraqi National Congress, or I.N.C., the exile group headed by Ahmad Chalabi. By last fall, the operation rivalled both the C.I.A. and the Pentagon’s own Defense Intelligence Agency, the D.I.A., as President Bush’s main source of intelligence regarding Iraq’s possible possession of weapons of mass destruction and connection with Al Qaeda. As of last week, no such weapons had been found. And although many people, within the Administration and outside it, profess confidence that something will turn up, the integrity of much of that intelligence is now in question.

The director of the Special Plans operation is Abram Shulsky, a scholarly expert in the works of the political philosopher Leo Strauss. Shulsky has been quietly working on intelligence and foreign-policy issues for three decades; he was on the staff of the Senate Intelligence Com-mittee in the early nineteen-eighties and served in the Pentagon under Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle during the Reagan Administration, after which he joined the Rand Corporation. The Office of Special Plans is overseen by Under-Secretary of Defense William Luti, a retired Navy captain. Luti was an early advocate of military action against Iraq, and, as the Administration moved toward war and policymaking power shifted toward the civilians in the Pentagon, he took on increasingly important responsibilities.

W. Patrick Lang, the former chief of Middle East intelligence at the D.I.A., said, “The Pentagon has banded together to dominate the government’s foreign policy, and they’ve pulled it off. They’re running Chalabi. The D.I.A. has been intimidated and beaten to a pulp. And there’s no guts at all in the C.I.A.”

The hostility goes both ways. A Pentagon official who works for Luti told me, “I did a job when the intelligence community wasn’t doing theirs. We recognized the fact that they hadn’t done the analysis. We were providing information to Wolfowitz that he hadn’t seen before. The intelligence community is still looking for a mission like they had in the Cold War, when they spoon-fed the policymakers.”

A Pentagon adviser who has worked with Special Plans dismissed any criticism of the operation as little more than bureaucratic whining. “Shulsky and Luti won the policy debate,” the adviser said. “They beat ’em—they cleaned up against State and the C.I.A. There’s no mystery why they won—because they were more effective in making their argument. Luti is smarter than the opposition. Wolfowitz is smarter. They out-argued them. It was a fair fight. They persuaded the President of the need to make a new security policy. Those who lose are so good at trying to undercut those who won.” He added, “I’d love to be the historian who writes the story of how this small group of eight or nine people made the case and won.”

Now, let me ask you all a question. If Chalabi was working with the OSP ‘Cabal’, does the following make sense?

Chalabi’s nephew, codenamed Curveball, was handled by German intelligence, who fed his information to the Defense Intelligence Agency, which supplied the information to the Central Intelligence Agency. The DIA says it was only a conduit to the CIA, and it was not their responsibility to vet the credibility of the intelligence. Former DCI, George Tenet, says he was unaware of any concerns about Curveball’s veracity.

Do you see how this works?

If not, keep reading.

Tri-State Residents! Grab Your Duct Tape

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary: Contact: 202-282-8010: March 17, 2005.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security today announced that the United States, United Kingdom and Canada will cooperate in conduct of TOPOFF 3, a Congressionally-mandated counterterrorism exercise for top officials. DHS will conduct the TOPOFF 3 full scale exercise in April 2005, with terrorist attack scenarios staged in Connecticut and New Jersey. Additional activities will occur in related exercises within the United Kingdom (Atlantic Blue) and Canada (Triple Play).

“The TOPOFF exercises are a key piece of the United States homeland security national preparedness efforts. By responding realistically to simulated attacks, we are able to identify our strengths and weaknesses and make our national response system stronger,” said Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. “Our partnerships with the United Kingdom and Canada will further enhance our ability to deal with terrorism on an international level.”

TOPOFF 3 does not stand for the constant replenishment of cold beer or hot coffee to your mug. It stands for: Top Officials 3. “TOPOFF 3 is the third exercise in the TOPOFF series, a congressionally mandated exercise series designed to strengthen the nation’s capacity to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).”

So, if you see anything suspicious in the next few days, don’t fret. Your government is responsible.

Read more:

Play Ball!! Go Yanks!!

“This is like deja vu all over again.”
–Yogi Berra

“Half the game is 90% mental.”

“If I didn’t wake up, I’d still be sleeping.”

“Slump? I ain’t in no slump. I just ain’t hittin.”

“Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.”

“You can observe a lot just by watching.”

“He must have made that before he died.” — Referring to a Steve McQueen movie.

When Will There Be a Reckoning?

Of all the claims U.S. intelligence made about Iraq’s arsenal in the fall and winter of 2002, it was a handful of new charges that seemed the most significant: secret purchases of uranium from Africa, biological weapons being made in mobile laboratories, and pilotless planes that could disperse anthrax or sarin gas into the air above U.S. cities.

By the time President Bush ordered U.S. troops to disarm Saddam Hussein of the deadly weapons he was allegedly trying to build, every piece of fresh evidence had been tested — and disproved — by U.N. inspectors, according to a report commissioned by the president and released Thursday.
Washington Post: free registration

I don’t know if Americans will EVER seriously consider the legality of the Iraq war. We had a chance to vote Bush out of office and something happened…something that is still not clear…that prevented us from doing so.

But voter suppression, funky exit polls, and vulnerable code aside, the election should not have been close. And when lackey commissions come out with conclusions like the one above, you know that something is seriously off kilter in the American electorate.

Perhaps the ‘duct-tape fatwa’ was so effective that we were terrified into submission. Perhaps the 9/11 attacks were so visually horrifying, that our collective lust for revenge needed to be assuaged.

Perhaps the media has become such a mouthpiece for our military-industrial complex, that we can be moved to accept whatever agenda they lay before us.

But sometime soon, and the day cannot be far off, there has to be a reckoning for the lies that we have been told.

At least, that is what I keep telling myself.