Well, see over at kos I post a lot of analytical and activist stuff like cross-posting stuff for the DNC Vice Chair (which lots of people read) and creating master plans to win back the House (which fewer people read).  I’d link to those tow posts, but dkos is down at the moment anyway.

Well, everytime I look at this beautiful new scoop site I feel a need to post on it.  But I don’t want to treat it the way I treat myDD: like that second puppy you bought that you give crappier (ie solely crossposted) treats too.  No, I figured I had to do something different over here at the Booman Tribune.

So I looked at that silly green frog and I was inspired.  From now on, I shall post playful (but still vaguely political) stuff over here and serious stuff over at dkos.

So without further ado…a silly poem.
Right now my girlfriend’s in Ireland what can I say?
I heard they’re having some new problems with the IRA.
But I’m not worried, I’m pretty sure she’s okay.
However, back here in the good ole US of A,
There is a President who makes all a bad day.
And who can forget what his friends in Congress say:
We’ll be out of Iraq by 2014’s May
But don’t worry it won’t cost us too much hay
Because we’re busy gutting the VA.

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