I’ve been concerned about writing diaries. I’m not much of a writer. I can write long comments, but when it comes to starting something interesting, alas, I have no creativity.

Creativity is not something I’m lacking mind you. I’m very creative when I want to be. I’m an artist though, not a writer, and I’ve been told a picture is worth a thousand words.  My concern is that I’d like to create graphic diaries, and discuss the ramifications that the artwork suggests. is that something people are interested in or not? I need the answer to this question.
Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Am I wasting my time creating my artwork?

Recently I’ve begun offering some of my artwork on Kos (and have also sprinkled a bit of it over here); but I sometimes wonder, is what I do just annoying or does it offer some positive juice to our cause? Would you like to see me continue to put the way I see the world on electronic canvas or just stop altogether? I’m not looking for kudos here, I’m looking for honest feedback. I want whatever I do to be a boost to our cause, not a distraction from it.

So, to offer a few examples of my work (for those you have not been blessed – or cursed – to see it), I’m going to place some of my recent artwork here. Afterwards you can take a poll and tell me what you really think. Don’t be nice, I’m not looking for nice, I’m asking you to honestly access whether what I do has any meaning in regard to diaries. Your honesty will be appreciated.

Thanks for looking, now please take the poll! 😉

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