Normally, I prefer not to do diaries that don’t involve any sort of analysis, but Booman wants some diaries and I have nothing interesting to say, so I’ll break from my usual style.

Take a look at this week’s “What Do You Think?” from the Onion.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes

“I guess my only hope for ever getting out of debt is declaring myself a business. Hey everyone! Shares in DougCo are trading at an all-time low.”

“Well, there goes my foolproof get-bankrupt-quick scheme.”

“Look! I caught another middle-class guy! Here, hold his arms behind his back while I gut-punch him!”

“If this doesn’t teach Americans not to have medical emergencies or get laid off, I don’t know what will.”

I guess that was the majority of the quotes, not just a few. I just couldn’t resist.

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