Update [2005-3-15 19:16:3 by BooMan]: Hey! What’s Wrong With You People? Post some friggin diaries!

Update [2005-3-15 22:35:29 by BooMan]: You guys/gals are having a lot of fun in the diaries and the regional open threads. And that makes me happy. But please give some love to Pastor Dan and SusanHbu for contributing great content to the site.

This site has been up for almost 48 hours. We’ve been making improvements on the fly and a lot of issues y’all have raised have been corrected. A few others are in the queue.

Consider this an open thread to complain about the site, and make suggestions. Also, you could be nice if you want. I mean, if you have anything nice to say.

How does everyone like the colors?

Do you like the regional threads?

What do you think about the ‘World Recommended Diary’ feature?

How do we get more ‘World’ people to post diaries?

Does it bother you that the threads have East on the left coast and West on the right coast, or do you feel that since the East was settled first it should take place of honor?

Are the grey boxes too dark?

Do you spell it grey or gray?

And finally, about those default comment titles:

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