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Oh so many emotions surrounding the Social Security debate!  But what has become increasingly clear to me is that George W. Bush has actually stolen the Social Security trust fund and Big Al Greenspan conviently confirmed that for me with his statements this morning:

The 2004 federal deficit was $412.5 billion, and “would have been $564 billion,” if Social Security revenue hadn’t been included in the budget, Greenspan said.

During the 2000 presidential campaign, when the federal budget was in surplus, current President George W. Bush and then- Vice President Al Gore both endorsed the idea of “locking up” Social Security revenue to ensure the retirement fund’s surplus, which in 2004 totaled $115.9 billion, couldn’t be used for other national expenses.

Let’s see, that $564 billion dollars minus $412.5 billion dollars…that equals….$151.5 billion dollars!

What was that 2004 SS surplus?  $115.9 billion.  Gone.  Stolen.
So with if GWB actually accomplishes Social Security deformation, he will have achieved two goals:
*Destroyed the Democrats’ keynote legislation
*Covered up the greatest theft of taxpayer dollars in the history of the world!

Social Security reform is nothing more than an elaborate ruse to hide the theft of taxpayer dollars and load the equities markets with taxpayer dollars when the baby boomers start making withdrawals from those markets so they can freaking afford health insurance when they retire.  If those equities markets don’t get a fresh infusion of cash somehow, then corporations who rely on that cash to fund operations will be forced to reduce profit taking or succumb to events.  

“In addressing Social Security’s imbalances, we need to ensure that measures taken now to finance future benefit commitments represent real additions to national saving,” Greenspan told the Senate Committee on Aging today. “We need, in effect, to make the phantom `lock-boxes’ around the trust fund real.”

That “national savings” Al’s referring to, that’s tax money siphoned off from Social Security to prop up equities.  They will steal money from you and me to accomplish their goal and hide their previous crime.  And they are goddamned determined to do it.  Don’t find any security in polls that show public opinion dead set against piratization.  The corporations who have bought and sold our federal government are determined to make it happen, by hook or by crook.

We need to start selling t-shirts that say George Bush Stole the Social Security Trust Fund and All I Got Was This Lousy Federal Deficit!

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