Jim Talent (R-MO) is up for re-election in 2006. Like most of his party in the Senate, he didn’t want to stand up for good government and Social Security.
S.Amdt. 145 to to S.Con.Res. 18

As a constituent I wrote Talent to chastise him for his vote.  

You didn’t vote yes on this?

In regard to your recent vote:

S.Amdt. 145 to to S.Con.Res. 18 (Appropriations resolution FY2006, Budget)

“To express the sense of the Senate that Congress should reject any Social Security plan that requires deep benefit cuts or a massive increase in debt.”

Talent (R-MO), Nay

I take it that you support cutting Social Security benefits and increasing the debt.

He’s going to have a lot of explaining to do in Missouri.

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