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I am disgusted and outraged at the lack of ability that Harry Reid has to keep our flimsy little caucus together on key votes.  This was BIG.  And we could have won.  Very discouraging.

The Cantwell-Kerry amendment to the budget resolution failed, 49-51.  Guess what?  Three Dems (DINOs) voted against.  Landrieu I can sort of understand (Louisana is oil).  Akaka and Inouye I have no idea.  What– Alaska and Hawaii have to stick together since they’re not part of the contiguous 48?  As the most recent states, they have a pact of solidarity?  This makes no sense.  This was a huge opportunity, especially as 6 Repubs (Chafee, Snowe, McCain, Smith, Collins, and Coleman) voted for the amendment (against drilling).  If we acted like a party for ONCE, at least on a BIG vote like this, we can get stuff done, even with only 44.  

I am very discouraged by this.  Also by my jackass Senator Specter, who could/should have voted for the amendment.  He keeps giving us little bits of false hope that he has a pair, but then pulls shit like this to keep pissing me off.  

AAARRGGGHHH.  I am bummed.

Here are phone numbers for Akaka: 202 224 6361 and Inouye 202 224 3934.  They suck.

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