Bernard Kerik, the former NYC chief of police and briefly Homeland Security Director nominee, has been replaced by equally disgraced former Montana Gov. Judy Martz on the board of Taser:

The day before Kerik quit, it was reported that he had made $6.2 million by exercising stock options he obtained as a board member of Taser, which has sold stun guns to the Homeland Security Department and is seeking more contracts.

Taser itself is under federal and state scrutiny over the safety of its stun guns and accounting issues. The Securities and Exchange Commission is also conducting an informal probe into Taser’s safety claims. The company maintains that the guns are safe.

So, Kerik gets away with millions while the company he’s leaving in the dust gets just that — dust.

Yes, Judy Martz is dust:

House Majority Leader Paul Sliter, R-Somers, died in a one-car drunken-driving accident in which Martz’s policy adviser, Shane Hedges, was behind the wheel. The two were coming home from a night of eating and drinking with other Republican leaders at a rustic mountain bar outside Helena. Hedges later pleaded guilty to negligent homicide and served a six-month sentence in a Helena pre-release center. Martz came under fire for taking Hedges directly from the hospital to the governor’s mansion, where she laundered his bloody clothes. Law enforcement officials considered charging her with obstruction of justice, but did not.

Note to self: do not buy a Taser.

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