I love the current GOP double speak, just because it’s so ripe for comedy and derision.

For instance, check out this latest snazzy sound bite from our current Secretary of Defense:

“We don’t have an exit strategy, we have a victory strategy,” Rumsfeld told soldiers during a surprise visit to Baghdad, according to a pooled broadcast report from the capital.

Normally, this wouldn’t require additional comment. Normally folks would just hear something like this and start splitting their sides with a crescendo of shocked laughter.

But these days, when we have a President who has claimed that God speaks through him…well, let’s just say the art of subtle irony isn’t America’s strong suit right now.

So, in order to give folks a better understanding of how completely inane this comment is, I think all of us in the blogosphere need to start emailing our friends and family, calling radio talk shows and writing letters to the editor illustrating how neat it’d be if we could all talk like a Bush official.

For instance…when I go to the bathroom I am no longer going flush stuff down the toilet. I am going to liberate it into the calm, blue ocean. I will stop changing my toddler’s diaper; I am going to free her bottom from the evildoers. And, my husband and I are going to stop “trying for a second child”. We’re going to bang for Bush!

Maybe some of you think I’m being just a little too patriotic. But…can one be too patriotic? I mean, the world changed after September 11th, so y’all best better wake up and breathe in the free air of energy-enhancing beverages.

For the rest of you, please, let me know how you’re going to aid our war on terrorism!

United We Stand!

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