I am breaking out of my diary virgin claim with a not-so-serious topic but one that I, as a single woman,  ponder quite a bit.  Can a Liberal fall in love with a Conservative?  Can the BooMan community tell me: Does it work?
I confess that I have dated several conservative men.  In the beginning all went well.  But as I got to know them and their values, the further apart we became.  I do not compromise on my beliefs.  The last one that I dated honestly believes that Iraq had WMD because Fox News reported so.  AARGH!

I can usually eliminate any potential disasters by asking someone who they think has been the most effective president.  A response of “Reagan” is immediate disqualification.  Am I being too picky?  

As a 35 year old divorcee, I have come to the conclusion that there aren’t as many fish in the sea as so many claim.  Do I give up on the conservatives?  Can Mary Matlin/James Carville romances work?  

What is your experience?  

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