When do you choose to keep the Bush feeding tube shoved down your throat or opt to get it out and start “living” again?
That is the question.

We are still in Iraq. The Democrats and Republicans are still shrilling over Terri Schiavo with hypocrisy strong on both sides. When will we rise above the bullshit? America has been crucified long enough by the corrupt, lying, greed-full Bush administration.
Neither political party has shown much integrity, honor or honesty of any value of late. The media continues to work hard on dumbing down the populace and the majority blindly marches to the cliff…

Bushco continues to threaten Iran, North Korea, China, Pakistan and god knows who else. Nothing is improving domestically. The rich are getting richer and the American people are being brainwashed into submission. We can still rant and rave but no one is really able to take any viable actions.

I apologize for being so cynical. I do have some hope…I think..

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